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1300mm Width 400m/Min Plastic Film And Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

1300mm Width 400m/Min Plastic Film And Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

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Price: 28000-32000USD

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1.Max slitting speed 400 m/min
2.Suitable material: BOPP, CPP, PET, PVC, PE, NYLON, plastic films etc…
3. Max diameter of unwinder:φ800 mm, Max diameter of rewinder:φ600 mm
4.PLC program system for automatic tension control.
5. Unwinding is shaft-less, controlled by servo motor, with hydraulic type web rolls lifting.
6.Unwinding with EPC.
7.Rewinding controlled by servo motor.
8.Rewinding use double friction slippery shaft.
9.Traction controlled by servo motor
10.Imported PLC integrated control is used in electrical control system, human-machine communication is carried out by touch screen, Set and display working parameters according to the requirements from different products.
11.Servo motor is adopted for unwinding, roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control, unwinder shaft-less with EPC. Hydraulic lifting web rolls system, easy unloading and loading material.
12.Servo motor is adopted for rewinding, active winding, roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control, double slip air shaft for good & stable tension.
13. Using the flat knives for slitting , regularity disc surface , air exhausting device for waste .
14. In the system, there are calculations of meter, roll diameter, automatic machine stop when lack of material etc.
15. The system has perfect mechanical, electric and pneumatic design, also good safety protection.
16.Rewinding with double friction slippery shaft.

Main technical parameters

Unwind width 400 – 1300mm
Slitting material BOPP, CPP Film12-180um, PE, PVC, PET Film 40um – 150um.
Maximum unwind diameter Φ800 mm
Maximum rewind diameter φ600 mm
Paper Core Diameter 3’ 6’ for unwinder/3’ for rewinder(Standards)
Maximum machine speed 400 m/min
Min. Slitting width 30 mm
Range of slitting width 30 – 1300mm
Unwinding motor 4kw
Traction motor 3kw
Rewinding motor 5.5kw
Total power 12 kw
Machine size 2300 x 4200 x 2000mm
Machine mass 4000kg
Machine colour Milky white(also can according customer requirement )


Unwind unit


● Shaft-less unwinding material loading
● Hydraulic roll material lifting
● EPC lateral correction
● Automatic tension control by PLC program from Siemens


● Material roll width: 400-1300mm
● Maximum unwind diameter:φ800mm
● Unwinding controlled by servo motor


● Shaft-less for easy material loading
● EPC for accurate no trim rewinding
● Tension by Magnetic powder clutch and
PLC automatically calculates mother roll
diameter, controlling the unwind tension.


Traction system


● Servo motor drive
● Synchronized belt drive
● Photoelectric eyes for line position control
● Rubber nip roller, pressure adjusted by pneumatic regulator
● adopt import Bearing NSK


● Driving roll diameter 130mm
● Rubber roll diameter 100mm
● Rubber roll max pressure 200kg
● Driving roll length 1350mm
● Traction motor power 3kw


● Traction system, unwind and rewind tension independent
● Imported rubber roll and synchronization belt allows the driving accurate control
● Low noise
● Servo motor allows the drive and tension to be stable and precise transmission.

Slitting Unit

● Flat knife for slitting plastic films.
● Max. slitting speed 400 m/min
● Waste trim extractor


Rewind unit

● Rewind with double slip air shaft, make the production more uniform and tidy
● Automatic tension control by PLC program
● Maximum rewind diameter:φ600mm
● Tension adopts servo motor and PLC automatic calculate the diameter, then control the tension; this makes the material tension control more accurate.


Material Unloading

● Adjustable swing arm for material unloading.


Machine photos

1300mm-Width-400m-Min-Plastic-Film-And-Paper-Slitting-Rewinding-Machine (11)

Electrical and Electronic Components

Traction servo motor DANMA,SHANGHAI
Unwinding servo motor DANMA,SHANGHAI
Rewinding servo motor DANMA,SHANGHAI
Man–machine face WEINVIEW, TAIWAN
Slippery-proof belt GERMANY
Electrical proportion valve SMC,JAPAN
Main pneumatic part AIRTAC,TAIWAN
Main Bearing NSK,JANPAN
Low-voltage apparatus SCHNEIDER FRANCE

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