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Wenzhou JinYi &YAOWEI Machinery Co.,ltd is an professional manufacturer that majorly specialized in different kinds of printing equipment production, such as printing machine, laminating machine, slitting machine, cutting machine and bag making machine.The goal of our company is to provide comprehensive and one step service for majority of users who’re looking for an solution on the flexible packaging and printing job. Act as a real partner for the market, to serve customers at best, we are on the progress.


What Should Be Paid Attention When Using The Slitting Machine?

What Should Be Paid Attention When Using The Slitting Machine?

During the use of the slitting machine, it is prone to failure if it is not careful. So everyone knows what matters should be paid attention to when using the slitting machine?

Gravure plate making method of  rotogravure printing machine
Rotogravure printing machine engraving gravure is a gravure made by manual or mechanical engraving, and it is the earliest plate-making process in Rotogravure printing machine printing. At present, the traditional Rotogravure printing machine engraving gravure is rarely used, and the electronic e...
Control points of slitting process
The slitting operation is an important link in the film production, and the quality of the slitting will directly affect the quality of the finished product and the film. Therefore, when using the slitting machine for processing, you should be proficient in the control points of the slitting proc...