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Laminating machine usage skills and lamination process

Laminating machine usage skills and lamination process

Do you know how to use the Laminating machine? What parts does it consist of? How does the laminating machine achieve lamination? Regarding the above questions, Deguang will answer them one by one for everyone today. Interested partners may wish to take a few minutes to visit with me.

Overview of Laminating machine

Laminating machines can be divided into two categories: ready-to-coat Laminating machines and pre-coated Laminating machines. It is special equipment for paper, board, and film lamination. It is pressed together by a rubber roller and a heating roller to form a paper-plastic product.

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Detailed explanation of the four types of laminating machines

Laminating machine usage skills

The pre-coating Laminating machine is special equipment for compounding the printed matter with the pre-coating plastic. Compared with the ready-to-coat Laminating machine, its biggest feature is that there is no glue coating and drying part, so this type of Laminating machine has a compact structure, small volume, low cost, easy operation, and good product quality stability.

The pre-coated Laminating machine consists of four main parts: pre-coated plastic film unwinding, automatic input of printed matter, hot-pressing zone compounding, and automatic winding, as well as mechanical transmission, pre-coated plastic film flattening, vertical and horizontal slitting, computer control system, etc. Auxiliary device composition.

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How to operate the laminator safely?

1. Laminating machine print input part

The automatic conveying mechanism of the input part of the printed matter of the Laminating machine can ensure that the printed matter does not overlap during transmission and enters the compound part at an equal distance. The Laminating machine is generally controlled by pneumatic or frictional methods, with accurate conveying and high precision. The above requirements can also be met.

2. Laminating machine composite part

Including compound roll set and calender roll set. The composite roller group is composed of a silicone heating pressure roller and pressure roller. The hot pressure roller of the Laminating machine is a hollow roller with a heating device inside, and the surface is forged with hard chrome, which is polished and finely ground. Cam mechanism, the pressure can be adjusted steplessly. Laminating machine calender roll set is basically the same as the composite roll set, that is, it consists of a chrome-plated pressure roll and silicone pressure roll, but without the heating device.

The main function of the Laminating machine calendering roller group is: after the pre-coated plastic film and the printed matter are compounded by the compounding roller group, the surface brightness is not high, and then the Laminating machine calendering roller group is extruded for a second time, and the surface brightness and bonding strength are high. to improve.

3. Laminating machine transmission system

The transmission system is driven by a high-power motor controlled by a computer. After the first-stage gear deceleration, it drives the movement of the paper feeding mechanism and the rotation of the compound part, and the silicone pressure roller of the calendering mechanism through the three-stage chain transmission. The pressure roller group maintains a suitable working pressure under the action of stepless adjustment.

4. Laminating machine computer control system

The computer control system of the Laminating machine adopts a microprocessor, and the hardware configuration consists of the main board, a digital keyboard, an optical isolation board, a power board, and a stepper motor power drive board.

laminating machine

Laminating machine lamination process

The lamination process is a surface processing process after printing. It is also called post-press plastic, post-press lamination, or post-press lamination. It refers to the use of a Laminating machine to cover a layer of 0.012-0.020mm thick on the surface of the printed product. The transparent plastic film is formed into a paper-plastic integrated product processing technology. Laminating machine is the equipment used to complete the laminating process. Generally speaking, according to the process used, it can be divided into two types: coating film and pre-coating film. According to the difference in film materials, it can be divided into two types: bright film and matt film. The main problems affecting the laminating process of the Laminating machine: affect the health of the operators, there is a fire hazard; the paper and film materials after laminating are difficult to recycle, and waste resources.

The above is all about the Laminating machine that JINYI brought to you today. I hope to help you better understand the use of the Laminating machine and its lamination process, help you use the Laminating machine better.

Post time: Aug-30-2022